Webinar 37: 25 Underrated Tactics

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  • There are so many different ways to win a point in tennis. Let's expand your arsenal with 25 underrated tactics that you are probably not using right now.
  • The 25 tactics involve serving, returning, rallying, and getting to the net to finish points. It's time to expand your tactical arsenal so you can surprise opponents with a wide variety of tactics.
  • EXAMPLE 1: The drop shot return is an excellent tactic against an opponent who likes to serve and quickly retreat behind the baseline to start the point. Don't hit the ball deep to their comfort zone. Step inside the baseline to return and hit a drop shot return - just like Roger Federer used to do.
  • EXAMPLE 2: Hitting a 1st or 2nd serve to the "jam" forehand return location is so underrated it's a joke. It's a smart serve to make the returner move off the ball and also to attack the size of the forehand backswing.
  • This webinar is all about exploring new options for your game. There are probably some tactics that you would like to try but are not sure if they are "legit" or not.
  • Add the surprise element to your game. Don't be so one-dimensional with your game. Expand your horizons and have a lot more fun with your strategy in matches.
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