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Craig discusses Roger Federer's longevity in England's top newspaper

Craig O'Shannessy is the lead analyst for the ATP World Tour

video creates a very sticky message

Watch, Analyze, Pause, Discuss, Learn....

Interactive video presentations provide the perfect learning environment

Everyone rejoice.

TEAM love..

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tennis is a game of patterns.

learn the best locations for serving, returning, rallying & approaching.

Your mental & emotional advantage...

the first is during a point. the second is between the point

game c.h.a.n.g.e.r.

Sony Smart Tennis Sensor

Unveiled at the 2014 U.S. Open - read my review of this amazing new product.

the world's best patterns learnt from the the world's best players.

2014 Shanghai Federer v Djokovic Preview
2014 Shanghai Federer def Djokovic Review
2014 Shanghai Final Federer def. Simon Review

Welcome to the world's best tennis strategy!


The old rules are dead. These are the new ones! Learn the world's best patterns from the world's best players. Tennis looks like a game of pinball but it is actually a game of repeatable patterns involving serving, returning, rallying & approaching. Master them all.


When you step onto a tennis court, you actually play two matches - not one. The first match is during the point and the second, more important match exists between the points. This is where the mental, emotional & planning elements all occur. Make them all a strength.


Video is a very sticky message. Craig O'Shannessy delivers powerful, memorable video presentations of patterns of play and the the percentages that dominate them to players, coaches and tennis enthusiasts all over the world. Book one for your program today.


Let's get everyone on the same page shall we. TEAM is for well, teams, so the coaching staff & all the players are learning and implementing the same patterns & percentages together. A great addition for academies to stay on the cutting edge of world tennis.

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US Open Commentary for BBC Radio

Craig O'Shannessy joined the BBC radio team to deliver expert strategy analysis for Caroline Wozniacki's big win over Maria Sharapova at the 2014 U.S. Open on Arthur Ashe Stadium.
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The Telegraph - England

It was a pleasure to write for one of England's largest newspapers, The Telegraph, as part of their 2014 Wimbledon preview. My story focused on how Andy Murray out-thought and out-played Novak Djokovic in the 2013 final.
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Wall Street Journal Interview

Craig O'Shannessy was interview by the Wall Street Journal at the U.S. Open regarding his pioneering work using Dartfish technology to scout in tennis. The article is a must read for all tennis fans.
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Sports Illustrated Interview

How do you beat the #1 player in the world? Sports Illustrated celebrated tennis writer, Jon Wertheim, interviewed Craig O'Shannessy at the 2013 French Open to discuss the match-up between Serena Williams and Maria Sharapova - as well as other key analytics of our game.
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Dell: Tech Page One Interview

Craig O'Shannessy talks Tech and the number crunching behind behind what it takes to be the No. 1 player in the world. Craig talk about the repeatable patterns that rule the sport.
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MIT ESPN Sloan Conference

Craig O'Shannessy, Paul Annacone and Todd Martin discuss tennis strategy at the prestigious MIT Sloan Sports Analytics Conference.
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The Australian - Interview

This story was nominated for the best Australian Sports Writing award in 2004. Craig O'Shannessy was interviewed by The Australian's Chip Le Grand about the mind of Andre Agassi.
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ATP Brain Game Story Archive

Craig O'Shannessy is the lead strategy analyst for the ATP World Tour. Read his collection of articles on the biggest matches played by the game's biggest stars.

Never watch a tennis match the same way again. See through the pinball & discover the patterns of play and percentages that rule our sport. Hop on board and take a ride!

For players, coaches and fans. If you love tennis then the 25 Golden Rules are made for you! Learn what really matters to succeed in matches.

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The 3 Most Important Questions In Tennis

There are three main areas to your development. Your side of the court, the other side of the court, and what the best players in the world do.


who am i?

Clearly understand who you are to maximize your unique qualities. Develop your own personal mission statement.

who are you?

You are the second most important person on a court. Unlock your opponent and make them play their "B" game.

who's the best?

Let's not reinvent the wheel. We have researched the best players in the world so you can copy their successful patterns.

you don't have to be good at everything, but you have got to be good at something...

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