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The world's best patterns learnt from the world's best players

Craig O'Shannessy

more research. more learning. let the tennis analytics revolution begin!


Read Craig's ATP analysis of how Nole attacked Rafa.


Williams def. Li 7-5, 6-1. Read Craig's analysis for the WTA Tour website.

He's back!

Craig unlocks Roger's win over Novak

Read Craig's analysis for the ATP on how Roger beat Novak in the Dubai semi's

ITF $10K

Doubles Champions

Madison Westby & Hadley Berg win in the Canary Islands

leaving the court a winner

Bobby Reynolds

the only tennis match in the world that mattered on Thursday was his...

the world's best patterns learnt from the the world's best players.

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My Story Of The Year

Bobby Reynolds did not win at Wimbledon on Thursday, or did he? The scoreboard showed the world No. 1 Novak Djokovic defeated Reynolds, 7-6 (2), 6-3, 6-1, on Centre Court, and after winning three qualifying matches and a gutsy five-setter in his opening round, Reynolds’s 2013 singles campaign at the championships was over. He lost to a better player. He won in every other way one could imagine.
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Dartfish Masters

Craig O'Shannessy is a pioneer in tennis with Dartfish software. Craig developed one the first tagging panels and has used the world's best motion analysis software to break down thousands of strokes and matches. Craig was a featured speaker at the 2011 Dartfish USA National Conference in Colorado Springs, CO. Come learn from the best.
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Sports Illustrated Interview

How do you beat the #1 player in the world? Sports Illustrated celebrated tennis writer, Jon Wertheim, interviewed Craig O'Shannessy at the 2013 French Open to discuss the match-up between Serena Williams and Maria Sharapova - as well as other key analytics of our game.

Let's face it - everyone can hit a ball. But where should you hit it and why?? This is what separates good from great. Welcome to a better way.

Imagine making strategy a strength of your game. Come and take the biggest step of your game...

Our Latest & Greatest Blog Posts


ATP Tour - Kevin Anderson

Ranking Improvement

February 2010 = 133

February 2011 = 40

ATP Tour - Alex Kuznetsov

Ranking Improvement

Apr 2013 = 271

Aug 2013 = 129

USTA 16's - Sasha Gozun

Ranking Improvement

Jan 2012 = 84

Dec 2012 = 5

ATP Tour - Rajeev Ram

Ranking Improvement

July 2011 = 272

July 2012 = 93

Jump on board. Take a ride...


Get rid of the noise and learn exactly what matters.


Nobody in the world has the years of research we have.


You are different. Let's celebrate that with your own unique game style.


Tennis may look like a game of pinball - but it's exactly the opposite. It's more like chess and poker.


Break the game down and learn the basic framework of our wonderful sport.


Players from all over the world connect to gain a deeper level of understanding.


We use the world's best software to help teach the world's most important player - you!


Plug in the patterns of the world's best players straight into your game.


SCOUTING IN TENNIS - The Wall Street Journal Interview with Craig O'Shannessy .

"A point is like an equation," O'Shannessy said. "I've sat on the sidelines and watched thousands of matches, and every time I watch the video of the match, I learn something new. Every single time."

Video analysis has taught Ram more about himself than his opponents. "I've learned how to implement my strengths a little bit better and cover up my weaknesses," he said. "It's definitely helped me be more clear about things." - Rajeev Ram


Why go into battle and not know the enemy's mentality or the weapons they possess?

You are the second most important person on a tennis court. Don't go out and try and play your "A" game all the time. Be smarter and make your opponent play their "B" game.

Tennis looks like a game of pinball but it is far from it. It is the same patterns repeating themselves hundreds of times. Know the percentages of the best ones in the world.

Everything tends to add up in a point. How you start it, where you develop it and how it finishes can be thought of like an equation you are trying to solve.

Once you focus on the other side of the court the game takes on a very different perspective. You remove the pressure, become more relaxed and see the pathway to victory.

The 3 Most Important Questions In Tennis

There are three main areas to your development. Your side of the court, the other side of the court, and what the best players in the world do.


who am i?

Clearly understand who you are to maximize your unique qualities. Develop your own personal mission statement.

who are you?

You are the second most important person on a court. Unlock your opponent and make them play their "B" game.

who's the best?

Let's not reinvent the wheel. We have researched the best players in the world so you can copy their successful patterns.

you don't have to be good at everything, but you have got to be good at something...

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