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The Telegraph - England

It was a pleasure to write for one of England's largest newspapers, The Telegraph, as part of their 2014 Wimbledon preview. My story focused on how Andy Murray out-thought and out-played Novak Djokovic in the 2013 final.
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Wall Street Journal Interview

Craig O'Shannessy was interview by the Wall Street Journal at the U.S. Open regarding his pioneering work using Dartfish technology to scout in tennis. The article is a must read for all tennis fans.
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Sports Illustrated Interview

How do you beat the #1 player in the world? Sports Illustrated celebrated tennis writer, Jon Wertheim, interviewed Craig O'Shannessy at the 2013 French Open to discuss the match-up between Serena Williams and Maria Sharapova - as well as other key analytics of our game.
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ProTenn Radio Interview

APRIL 23, 2014. Craig O'Shannessy was interviewed by Pete Ziebron from Protenn Radio Network. Craig talked extensively about Stan Wawrinka's recent success, particularly winning Monte Carlo and the resurgence of Roger Federer. Craig also talked about the troubling form of Rafael Nadal.

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Apr 2013 = 271

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