The best time to create separation is…. NOW!

Separation works best in the cold…

It’s prime time to make a move.

G’day from Austin!

Tennis is a sport where quick jumps in improvement are hard to make. You are much better off taking the view of getting “one day better” at a time –  small, incremental steps on the development pathway.

BUT, if you were ever to get two days better in one day, it’s now. It’s in WINTER.

Winter is a tough time to practice, with bad weather cancelling court time, or forcing players indoors, where court space is completely jammed.

Winter is a time where a lot of players take time off to refresh and rejuvenate – and rightly so. Managing your schedule so you don’t hit a wall physically and mentally is a critical component of the big picture.

So while a lot of players take their foot off the pedal, and don’t get “one day better”, it’s an opportunity for you to create the separation you crave.

Here’s five ways to put your game into overdrive in Winter, while your opponents are completely chilled out in hibernation.

  1. LEARN PATTERNS: Get better mentally. Really learn the game. Look at matches, especially Novak Djokovic & Roger Federer. Slow mo their strokes. Study the 25 Golden Rules of Singles Strategy, Numbers, or Short Ball Hunter on this website, and figure out how to incorporate what they do so incredibly well into your game. Remember, tennis is a game of repeatable patterns, delivering winning %’s. Knowing them is half the battle. That’s what these products specialize in.
  2. HIT THE GYM: Andre Agassi won 8 Grand Slam titles, and 4 of them (1995, 2000, 2001, 2003) came at the Australian Open. The Australian Open is played in January in scorching heat, and Andre really won them in December, hitting the gym and the hills hard in Las Vegas, getting his body primed for Melbourne. In the early 2000’s, I remember reading a story about Andre bench pressing 315lbs the day before he got on the plane to fly Down Under. Respect.
  3. SPECIFIC PRACTICE: Pick only one weakness and one strength to spend more time developing than normal during the winter months. You may have a huge-run-around forehand – well, work on hitting deeper. You may also double fault too much, so work on consistently hitting an area two racket lengths inside the service box. Hit 50 a day there for 50 cold, wintery days. Problem solved.
  4. NUTRITION: December is a natural time for people to eat worse than normal, treating their bodies badly with a deluge of sugar and other nasties. Use the month of December to eat the healthiest you have all year. For me personally, it’s all about the NutriBullet. I can’t compliment this amazing machine enough. It gets two thumbs up!
  5. GOALS: Goals are great. I prefer to pick goals that help me get to a final outcome, rather than picking the final outcome as my goal. For example, I had a goal in my freshman year of college that I would not lose one 3-set match for the entire season. I convinced myself I was mentally tougher, and physically stronger than any opponent I faced. I went 20-7 at Line 5 my freshman year, and went 11-0 in 3-sets. I knew if I could get to a third set, I was simply not going to lose.

NOW, IMAGINE if you rocked all 5 of those things at the same time this Winter. Imagine if you got really, really focused and:

  1. Dove head-first into Brain Game strategy products, and learnt the 2-1 baseline pattern, how the net is such a high percentage place to be, when to hit serves wide, and how to focus your practices a lot more on the first four shots of a rally.
  2. Put on five pounds of pure muscle, mainly in the tennis player’s engine room – the legs.
  3. Go from having an average second serve, to making it a strength of your game.
  4. Having a NutriBullet with kale, broccoli, carrots, blueberries, mango, chia, seeds for breakfast before practice. (I really should be getting a commission, but not.)
  5. Write down on a blank piece of paper a goal that really matters – such as having an urgency to break the opponent in one of their first two service games of every set you play next year.

It’s cold outside. A lot of people are not getting better on, or off the court.

Now’s the best time to create the separation. When all the others come out of hibernation in the Spring, you will be miles further down the road.



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