Match IQ - Tagged Match Video & Match Intelligence Report

Seeing Is Truly Believing

There is nothing more powerful for your development than analyzing yourself competing in matches. Your vision of who you are as a player is often not the same as reality.

This is the beating heart of your learning curve. The reason you practice so hard, improve your fitness, and travel far and wide to play events is to make better decisions in matches. But first, you need to know what to look for, and that's exactly what you are getting here.

Dartfish Tagged Match Video

Firstly, the full match is available online - with all the dead time removed.

Secondly, it is "tagged" which means you can use filters to group together similar points and watch them one after the other. Here are some examples:

  • Watch all points ending in a forehand winner or error.
  • Watch all points that start with a Serve +1 forehand.
  • Watch all points that start with a 1st serve in the Deuce court out wide that you won.
  • Watch all 30-30 points in the match from both players.
  • Watch only break points in the Ad court.
  • Watch all points starting with a backhand return vs. a 2nd serve.

This is the way to analyze matches. We used to watch matches chronologically. It's much better to watch by patterns of play.

Dartfish Tagged Match Video


Match Intelligence Report

This 11-page report is the industry leader in providing the analytics that best explain winning and losing in a match. Craig O'Shannessy has pioneered tennis statistics in the last decade, bringing to life the "Serve +1" and "Return +1" terminology as well as the importance of evaluating rally length by 0-4 shots, 5-8 shots and 9+ shots.

It's very easy to have overkill with tennis statistics. In fact, it's the new normal. What Craig specializes in is distilling the data and only proving to players and coaches what matters most to winning.

Rally Length Data - The #1 rally length in tennis is ONE shot in the court.

The ABCD baseline areas. A critical part in coaching the baseline.

The 8 Serve Locations. 

First Serve Match Metrics - The 8 Serve Locations. 

Tagged Match Video + Match Intelligence Report

These two powerful tools come together into one package. You get the world's best analytics and the complete match tagged and available online. It's a knockout combo that provides everything you need to understand exactly what is happening in your matches.


1: Match-By-Match = $250

Get the video and the report as well as a summary analysis from Craig - which is either  a Zoom video call or written overview.



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