College Tennis 250K+ points of NEW information

Practice just got more specific.

Brand new data. It’s a paradigm shift.

G’day from London!

Hope all is well to kick off a new week. I am in London for a couple of days before heading to New York. It’s been a very busy schedule so far this year!

The past week in Monte Carlo was total greatness. I learnt a lot about our sport, and was able to compare what typically happens on hard courts v clay. Rafael Nadal played so well to win his 9th title by the sea.

College Tennis Rocks!

College tennis is a really important part of the global tennis landscape. It is a fertile breeding ground for the pro game, and provides an amazing pathway for tennis players to further their education.

I played college tennis myself 🙂

My freshman year was at Oral Roberts University in Tulsa, Oklahoma, then I went to Saddleback Jr. College in Mission Viejo, California, and then finished up at Baylor University in Waco, Texas, graduating with a Journalism degree.

I LOVED playing college tennis. (All American at Saddleback J.C.). You may see a couple of different college t-shirts in the pics above from yesterday. I love to support the college game as much as I can. I probably have 30+ college tennis t-shirts – just can’t wear them all at the same time!

I won that very cool trophy from taking out the Press Writers tournament in Monte Carlo. It was great to play on a show court with an umpire calling the score in French and English. I won the final 6-1, very focused on breaking down the Frenchman’s forehand, and attacking the net.

Anyway, enough about that…

250K+ College Tennis Points

This is not your ordinary set of data. This is “Mother Load” material.

Men’s College Tennis = 141,516 points
Women’s College Tennis = 123,733 points

Who needs to know the data from this research? Well, college coaches & players for sure, and definitely all the junior coaches and young players that are working towards the college goal.

Here’s 10 things that you simply must know

  1. Rally breakdown. The amount of rallies in the 0-4 shot range is…. substantial!
  2. Compare to other rally lengths, such as 5-8, 9-12 and 13+.
  3. Compare to pro data and junior data. See REAL player development.
  4. Ace and Double Fault totals. Great to know the facts in this key area.
  5. 1st serve %, and 2nd serve points won.
  6. How many return errors/winners are hit.
  7. How many returns go IN, and a rally develops. Compare to juniors/pros.
  8. Serve +1 winners/errors/balls in play. Massively important shot in our game.
  9. Return +1 winners/errors/balls in play. See how returners wrestle control.
  10. A stroke breakdown (forehands, backhands etc) for Serve +1 & Return +1.

No more guessing. No more opinions about what the focus needs to be on the practice court.

Winning is a big deal in college tennis! Winning really matters to programs.

Here’s an extremely important piece of that college puzzle.

The First 4 Shots is discounted 20% for two more days – specifically to give college coaches the time to get ready for this data that will absolutely enhance their practice courts.